Our membership consists of accredited high net worth individuals who are interested in angel investments and individuals with experience in building out early stage companies. In addition there is a select number of private equity investors, VCs and corporate/institutional partners, as well as a small contingent of resource partners and sponsors. We have over 85 members spread across our chapters in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna and Winnipeg.

Typical early stage private equity investing is carried out with very little attention to formalities. In contrast, we provide members with a disciplined approach to ensuring quality deal flow. At VA Angels our members collaborate in screening candidate companies, enabling greater depth and breadth to the due diligence process. After this process is complete, as a member you are then free to make your own investment decisions. VA Angels Forum does not invest as an entity.

We are also dedicated to helping to build Western Canada, both through philanthropic giving as well as with the lending of time and talents to develop our communities. Our members are undoubtedly leaders prior to joining a VA Angels chapter, either by through building their own companies successfully or because they already participate in a number of causes. VA Angels is a place to consolidate those activities or collaborate on new ones, utilizing existing skills within the organization.

A Few Membership Benefits

  • Exclusive access to 30-45 high quality well screened investment opportunities each year
  • Options to directly make investments and/or participate in holding companies that share due diligence and pool resources to invest together
  • Opportunities to personally connect each month with other like-minded high net worth angel investors in Western Canada
  • Direct access for members to pitch their own deals or investee companies to the VA Angels selection process

Our members understand the risks and rewards associated with early stage funding and, when brought together during the monthly forums in the chapter cities and social activities, are able to strengthen ties of mutual interest, fellowship, and support.



Member Profiles